POEM on a poet

Writing group homework was to write a poem based on a poet.  I chose Samuel Taylor Coleridge as I learnt the first verse of “Kubla Khan” as a teenager.  He was believed to suffer form mental health issues and probably addicted to opium.  There is a theory that Kubla Khan was written due to a drug induced dream or hallucination.

In Xanadu did Coleridge

His Kubla Khan envision

Through dream? Or substance led?

A poem became his mission.


The river Alph, the pleasure dome.

His eyes saw something grand.

His dingy bed and darkened room

 led us through his ancient land.


The forests, walls, a blossom tree

With towers, caves and hills.

A moon, a garden, a sunless sea.

A picture drawn, seen through his ills.


The wailing women, her demon lover,

Your dreams beset with fear.

Near two hundred years too late for me

To ask what more you see and hear.

POEM on a poet